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Biogen Nutrition Advice for the Attakwas Extreme

Warren Williams, Biogen’s Sponsorship and Events Manager (and an avid mountain biker himself), suggests the following approach to ultra-endurance nutrition for the

Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen: “Attakwas is known as an extremely tough mountain bike race, the terrain as tough as nails, the route is technical and with adverse weather conditions reaching a potentially high of 40 degrees, we strongly recommend for all riders taking on this race to hydrate as much as possible, especially those who expect to be out there longer than five hours. As a general rule and nutrition strategy, your ‘pre-race pack’ should be to plan your ride according to the distance between each water point.”

Remember to refuel after a crash or a mechanical, the spike in adrenaline can lead to a drop in your energy levels when you get going again.

“Every water point is fully stocked up on our Perform-X range, where we make products such as Enduro Energy gels, Energy Oats bars, Carbogen and Cramp Care available to all riders. Due to the heat and technicalities of this specific race I would suggest consuming one energy gel every 30-45minutes (depending on the nature of the climbs and how your body feels) and adding at least a bite size of a bar or two to your back pocket for each section of the route” he continued.

“Nutrition plays such a vital role in a race of this kind, so one has to keep in mind that only drinking water in these conditions will not suffice. Riding in heat puts strain on the body causing you to perspire more than usual, which in turn may potentially lead to muscle cramps and fatigue. However, you can minimise this risk by consuming a slow release carbohydrate and electrolyte solution, and this is why we ensure our Carbogen solution is provided at each water point.”

“Depending on your time on the bike it is also advisable to consume ample solids both before and during your ride. We recommend a good healthy breakfast, but also stash some light and convenient options in your back pocket. This could be anything from some energy bars to a banana or the wholefood of your preference, which will just assist in stabilising blood sugar levels and feeding the body like you would on any other ordinary day.”

“Once you have completed the race it is vitally important to make sure you hydrate and replenish those electrolytes within 15-20 minutes of crossing the finish line. Many might opt for a Cape Brewing Co beer, but if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option, stock up on some electrolytes (Biogen offers our ice cold ElectroLITE RTD at the finish) or else a good protein shake, but preferably one with a healthy blend of both protein and carbohydrates. Biogen offers riders Recovergen, to speed up the recovery process and prevent muscle catabolism. Obviously each rider has his or her own preference and strategies, but we feel the above suggestions would come in real handy, especially if this is your first time tackling something as tough as the mighty Attakwas Extreme!”

“Best of luck to all riders taking part in this prestigious event, we sincerely look forward to seeing you there” Williams concluded.

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