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121KM (TOTAL ASCENT 2900m)



Chandelier Game Reserve


Pine Creek Resort, Great Brak River

First Quarter

This legendary MTB venue boasts some of the most scenic tracks in the Southern Cape, the early morning start guarantees a wildlife encounter with either Giraffe, Eland or perhaps the majestic Kudu.
This section is no walk in the park, it has marked the end of many participant’s hopes with either a serious accident or mechanical breakdown. The descends are rough and unforgiving and riders jostling for a position makes the start really dangerous so take care and rather err on the cautious side.
Water point 1 is reached within 24 kilometers, stock up well for the journey ahead.

Second Quarter

Probably the most scenic section of riding through Doringrivier, where the Karoo transitions into the fynbos laden southern slopes of the Outeniqua mountain range, an area exclusive to this race, opening its “doors” once a year.

Protea and Waboom lining the tracks heading towards water point 2 at the R328 crossing where spectators can cheer riders on. Now the real test awaits with the Attakwas looming large, well wishes from the ever helpful crew marks the start of a road only heading one way which is clearly up and up.

Third Quarter

An undulating steady drag, interrupted by loose and technical climbs bring riders to the entry into the reserve, a well-deserved spot for a photo or two. Armed with evidence of your Attakwas encounter the descend awaits, this requires focused concentration on the loose and slippery rock formations heading towards the highest point at roughly the halfway mark of this journey.

The steep and technical descends towards Bonniedale, where the oasis of water point 3 is visible in the distance, must be negotiated with the utmost of care, please comply, a mistake here could be the end of your race.

Leaving the rural dwelling of Bonniedale refreshed and revived riders swop the technical trails of the Attakwas for an unforgiving and undulating gravel road towards water point 4. This section usually turns out to be hottest and humid of the race so to ensure you make it safely home, we have added a new waterpoint at 80km into the race – you will need this!

Fourth Quarter

Close to one hundred kilometers in the legs makes this quarter the hardest by far as the heat and unrelenting climbs takes its toll. The friendly folks at water point 5 at Ruiterbos school provides the motivation for the last stretch.

Probably the steepest and longest climb of the day at 110 km is realized just before water point 6…. fill up those bottles and head home, the stable doors are open! The first sight of the sea signals a hero’s welcome and a descend to match with a finish right at the water’s edge, until 2025.


Spectator, Feeding & Technical point #1 at water point 2 (Sonop Farmstall)

  • GPS: S33 50.003 E22 02.185
  • From Chandelier drive 6.6km back towards Oudtshoorn and turn left into Rademeyer street, drive on and turn left into Jan van Riebeeck Rd. Drive 5.4km’s and turn left onto the R328 towards Mossel Bay – proceed for 29km’s to the point on your right
  • Please park your vehicle in a safe location out of the way of traffic and riders.

Spectator, Feeding & Technical point #2 at water point 5 (Ruiterbos Primary School)

  • GPS S33 56.702 E22 02.126
  • From Spectator point 1 proceed for 16.4 km’s towards Mossel Bay on the R328, the point is on your right.
  • Please park your vehicle in a safe location out of the way of traffic and riders.

Please Note:

  1. Water points 2 and 5 will have stock of basic bicycle spares with a mechanic on duty.
  2. Water points 2 (47 km) and 5 (96 km) will also double as the official technical/feeding point for professional riders – no outside assistance is allowed outside of these points.
  3. Please ensure that you carry spares specific to your brand of bicycle like derailleur hangers etc. Please carry a credit card or cash on you to pay for spares received.
  4. Only Riders in possession of a UCI professional racing license are allowed access to the technical/feeding points for professional athletes.
  5. No following vehicles will be allowed on the Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme presented by Biogen route, if any vehicle transgressing in this regard can be linked to a specific rider, immediate disqualification applies. Marshalls and officials have strict orders to enforce this.




First Half

Do not underestimate this one – it starts of with a challenging climb out of Great Brakriver towards the plateau that overlooks the beautiful bay of Mossel Bay. Riders work their way towards Jonkersberg on undulating farm roads until they reach water point 1 (after 13 km) just after Jonkerberg Forestry station.

Second Half

From here the most scenic of jeep track follow the contours of the southerly slopes of the mighty Outeniqua Mountains. Riders move in a westerly direction and link up with riders from the long race. Water point 2, at 34 km marks the end of the toughest part of the ride and now you can enjoy the descent to Botlierskop, with a final climb to the top with a view to die for, and with such a heroes welcome, it was all worth it.




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