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Q&A with dormakaba’s Candice Lill

Candice Lill has big racing aspirations for 2018 and as such is testing her early season form at the Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, for the first time. We caught up with her ahead of the race.

AE: As an elite rider what inspired you to enter the Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen?

Candice Lill: To be honest, I’ve always been a bit weary of entering such a gruelling event so early in the season, but this year I am viewing it as preparation for what’s to come. May as well take the plunge hey! I think it’s great that the event has UCI status, which will also help me get some points for the season to follow.

AE: How do you prepare mentally and physically, over the festive season, for the Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen?

CL: Eat all the Christmas treats J

The festive season for me is always a time of preparation for the season, so I work really hard on and off the bike, mostly focussing on building strength and endurance. However, it’s also a time where I enjoy being with family and friends and the many laughs that come with it. This is important for me because it allows me to start the season with a fresh mind-set and a good perspective.

While she might not have ridden the Attakwas Extreme before Candice Lill raced to 3rd at the Momentum Health Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, last year.

AE: The Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen always attracts a strong local and international field. Who are you most looking forward to testing your early season form against?

CL: The first race of the year is always interesting, because everybody wants to see where they are at, and if their training is going according to plan. It also brings with it some nerves because you feel a bit ‘rusty’ in terms of racing, because it’s been a while since the last one. I’ve learned that instead of focussing on others performances and training regimes, I should rather focus on giving my absolute best in every situation that I face on race day. There’s a lot less stress that way. That being said, I am excited to race in a competitive, international women’s field!

AE: What advice have you been given ahead of your first Momentum Health Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, race?

CL: I have heard time and time again how difficult and crazy the event is. People have emphasized the need to stay on top of your nutrition and hydration and also how important it is to pace yourself to try and save energy for the second half. I will definitely take this advice and also race my bike according to how I feel on the day.

Rider Name Candice Lill
Team/Sponsor’s Name dormakaba
Attakwas Extremes Completed Zero
Best Position Will find out soon 😉
Twitter Handle Candice_MTB
Instagram Handle Candice_MTB
Facebook Fan Page No fan page just me- Candice Lill
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