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The Douw Steyn Spirit of the Attakwas Trophy

2018 marks the 12th edition of this iconic event – the Attakwas is well known for the tough and unforgiving nature of the route, the relentless pounding that man and machine has to endure and lastly and also most importantly it is best known for the camaraderie and spirit among the competitors and crew.

It is a race where you know that in those deepest darkest hours on your bike there will be a helping hand, if not a fellow rider, then a friendly crew member. This is what the Attakwas stands for; seemingly ordinary people are undertaking this extraordinary challenge that will push their spirit to achieve the improbable.

No one epitomized this spirit more than our late friend, Attakwas finisher and fellow mountain biker, Douw Steyn. Douw hailed from Oudtshoorn and resided in Cape Town the last couple of years. Late in 2014 an accident claimed the life of this extraordinary man, leaving behind a legacy of what friendship, loyalty and camaraderie is all about – all the traits that the Attakwas Extreme also stands for.

2016 Douw Steyn “Spirit of the Attakwas” trophy winner Maartin van Rensburg.
Photo by Dryland Event Management.

Dryland Event management has decided to dedicate the “Spirit of the Attakwas” to Douw’s memory and a trophy “manufactured” by his closest friends will be presented annually to the person who reveals these same qualities whilst competing in this gruelling event.

Douw was already seeded for the 2015 race when he passed and his issued race number was #121. (coincidentally also the race distance) This number has now forever been retired from the Attakwas and is dedicated to his spirit and will be handed to his wife Susan annually.

As long as the Attakwas tests man, machine and mettle Douw Steyn’s spirit will continue to live through this race.

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